We delivered two new trucks to the C.I.O.S. group, i.e. to the company Eko Flor plus d.o.o.. It is an superstructure model of the MEDIUM X4 that we have already delivered, but with one important difference that one of the two trucks is equipped with a waste container washing system. Both superstructure are mounted on Scania P370B6X2*4NA chassis

Stummer MEDIUM X4 is characterized by plenty of novelties that help end users better planning, greater efficiency and, most importantly, reduction of collection costs.

Among the most important novelties, we would single out the following:

  • The rear angle of the frame increased from 70° to 80°, which increases the volume of the superstructure tank by 1 m3, while keeping all dimensions as with the previous model –
  • Moved the center of gravity towards the front axle by placing the rear door lift cylinders on the superstructure roof
  • The position of the ejection plate is constantly measured by a laser sensor mounted on the front post of the frame. Depending on the fraction of waste that is collected, the ejection plate provides an optimal counter pressure. When the pressure reaches a maximum (for a given fraction) the ejection plate moves towards the inside of the body to a given distance…

and many other novelties.

Automatic waste container lifter, ZOELLER DELTA 2322 Automatic, characterized by exceptional speed and reliability in operation, is also the successor of the most successful Zoeller model 2301 with improved ergonomics and simpler maintenance.

ZOELLER DELTA 2322 Automatic:

Market sector

  • Residential and business premises
  • Optimal for one-man operation with two independent lifting units
  • Assortment of containers
  • 80-340 ltr. container – EN 840-1 – speed 5-7 seconds (up/down – without cherry tray)
  • 500-1200 ltr. container EN 840-2 – flat lid – speed 10-12 seconds (up/down – no cherry tray)
  • • 770-1300 ltr. containers EN 840-3 – dome cover – speed 10-12 seconds (up/down – without cherry container)
  • Energy source / Mode of operation
  • Separate lift/tilt movements via hydraulic lift cylinder with connected parallelogram,
  • Linear, vertically directed lifting movement in the lifting and putting down phase
  • Safe container locking and subsequent swinging with proven hydraulics
  • Descending movement by gravit


  • High ground clearance to prevent damage from contact impact or when reversing
  • Discharge process with low dust/noise emissions
  • Great ease of use and high collection efficiency
  • Low risk of accidents thanks to EU compliant safety technology
  • Basic components and tank retention system from the long-proven DELTA series
  • Smooth housing surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Short overhang of the vehicle
  • Safe stand for a worker with max. possible box width and additional shoulder space according to EN 1501-1.


Stummer’s dishwashing system allows us an extremely fast and efficient way of collecting and maintaining the hygiene of waste containers. Namely, the superstructure (body of the superstructure) for collecting waste, the automatic container lifter and the container washing system provides the possibility of emptying and washing waste containers in one operation – the operator places a container of up to 360 liters on the comb of the lifter, and the system automatically:

  • pick up the conteiner
  • empty the waste into the superstructure trough
  • wash the conteiner

All the above operations are performed in fully automated mode, without the need to press any additional buttons)

The waste container washing system is suitable for washing all containers that can be lifted with an automatic container lifter, which are manufactured according to the EN 840-1,2, and 3 standard.

The components of the waste container washing system (clean and dirty water tanks) are located between the body of the superstructure and the cabin, for the best possible distribution of mass on the axles

Pure water tanks made of stainless steel, with a capacity of 2,000 liters of water

Water level gauge on the right side of the vehicle.

Filling the pure water tank with the Storz C connector.

Two stainless steel waste water tanks, with a total capacity of 1000 liters, in which dirty water is collected from the trough after cleaning the waste containers and from the superstructure body.

Pneumatic pump for waste water

Two robotic washing arms with rotating nozzles that, depending on the dishes being washed, work separately or simultaneously, placed inside the rear door, left and right.

The robotic washing arms are automatically brought into the washing position if the following conditions are met:

  • the washer is activated,
  • the container hangs on the lifter,
  • the lifter is in the highest position.

High-pressure piston pump with hydraulic motor and water pressure regulator:

  • minimum pump flow 100 l/min,
  • minimum pressure 100 bar
  • minimum power 25 hp

Safety device that shuts off the high-pressure pump when the minimum water level is reached.

On the side, on the right side of the rear door, a pulley is installed with 10 m of hose and a high-pressure gun, connected to a high-pressure pump

The control panel of the washing system, from which all functions can be controlled, is placed on the right side of the rear door.

The functions on the control panel are:

  • switch to select on/off long or short wash cycle (automatic cycle)
  • button to manually start the hand washing robot
  • button to manually start the left hand washing robot
  • button for manually starting the waste water pump
  • control light for an empty clean water tank

On the control panel, it is possible to select a short washing cycle of 4 seconds and a long one of 8 seconds

For more information on Stummer superstructure, contact:

Mario Stoilov: mobile: 091 6157 778; mail: mario.stoilov@o-k-teh.hr

Hrvoje Rogić: mobile: 099 3121 916; mail: hrvoje.rogic@o-k-teh.hr

Franjo Bertić: mobile: 091 2175 086; mail: franjo.bertic@o-k-teh.hr

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