After the delivery of the two-chamber utility vehicle in November last year, Komunalac d.o.o., Bjelovar is richer by 2 new utility vehicles of the Coseco brand. The vehicles are co-financed through the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency. Each of the vehicles has a 16m³ tank capacity and will be used to collect sorted types of waste such as paper, plastic, glass.

They traditionally come on Iveco X-way chassis that meet the criteria of green procurement for this occasion.

For more information on COSECO superstructures , contact:

Mario Stoilov: mob: 091 6157 778; mail:

Hrvoje Rogić: mob: 099 3121 916; mail:

Franjo Bertić: mob: 091 2175 086; mail:

Ante Žaper: mob: 091 6157 782; mail: