To the company ČISTOĆA CETINSKE KRAJINE D.O.O. we delivered two utility vehicles from the project “Procurement of utility vehicles” applied for European funds. It is a special municipal vehicle for waste collection with an superstructure from the Italian manufacturer COSECO type K5. The superstructure has a capacity of 16 m³ with a watertight cargo space (tank), a compaction system via a pressure plate and a compression ratio of mixed municipal waste 1: 5. These superstructures are equipped with hoists for emptying two-wheeled containers with a volume of 80/120/240/360 l, as well as lifters for four-wheeled containers with a capacity of up to 1100 l with a flat lid. The superstructure is mounted on a Renault 18 t chassis.

K5 superstructure is suitable for wider and narrower urban areas, as well as intercity routes, and can also receive waste from smaller so-called. “Satellite” vehicles.

For more information about COSECO superstructure, contact:

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