We delivered to the company Pedom asfalti d.o.o. two vibrating rollers, a combined vibrating roller BOMAG type BW 151 AC-5 and a single vibrating roller Bomag BW 213 DH+ PL-5.

The combined roller BW 151 AC-5 weighing 7.5 tons and working width 1680 mm, with a Kubota engine of 55.4 kW is primarily intended for work on laying asphalt surfaces in order to increase load capacity and wear resistance and as such is the most common choice of users. The roller is also equipped with Economizer compaction control and a built-in asphalt temperature meter. Single vibrating roller Bomag BW 213 DH+ PL-5. with a working width of 2130 mm, with additional vibrating plates for even better compaction, it is ideal for jobs where high quality is required. The roller is intended for medium to heavy earthworks, with a weight of 15 tons. The operating frequency of the plates can be adjusted in a wide range that corresponds to different operating conditions and results in a perfectly compacted surface. During operation, the panels can be moved 70 cm to each side and, if necessary, quickly removed from the support with the help of the central locking system. Both rollers are equipped with engines (according to Stage V/Tier 4f regulations) with ECOMODE engine operation control, which enable fuel consumption to be reduced by 30% and significantly reduce noise.

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