we delivered a new utility vehicle to KOMUNALAC POŽEGA d.o.o.

It is a Stummer MEDIUM X4 superstructure model, and the chassis is Scania P370B6X2*4NA

Stummer MEDIUM X4 is characterized by plenty of novelties that help end users better planning, greater efficiency and, most importantly, reduction of collection costs.

Among the most important novelties, we would single out the following:

The rear angle of the frame increased from 70° to 80°, which increases the volume of the upgrade tank by 1 m3, while keeping all dimensions as with the previous model –

Moved the center of gravity towards the front axle by placing the rear door lift cylinders on the superstructure roof

The position of the ejection plate is constantly measured by a laser sensor mounted on the front post of the frame. Depending on the fraction of waste that is collected, the ejection plate provides an optimal counter pressure. When the pressure reaches a maximum (for a given fraction) the ejection plate moves towards the inside of the body to a given distance…

The vehicle is also equipped with an automatic waste container lifter, ZOELLER DELTA 2322 Automatic, which is characterized by exceptional speed and reliability in operation.

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