we delivered a waste collection vehicle to Kom-Ilok. The vehicle consists of a MAN chassis, type TGM 18.290 BL (wheelbase 3875 mm) and is adorned with an upgrade of the top performance brand STUMMER, type MEDIUM XLS.

The most important features of the upgrade:

  • Square body shape with flat sides and vertical reinforcements (4 reinforcements), 4 mm thick
  • Aluminum, fully flat, upgrade side cover (suitable for advertising)
  • Total volume of the box 16 m3
  • Rear door trough capacity 1.8 m3
  • Trough bottom made of one piece, material of mechanical properties HARDOX 400, trough bottom thickness 8 mm
  • Maximum compression cycle duration 15 seconds – reduced fuel consumption
  • Central automatic body lubrication
  • When operating the lifter, raising and lowering the tank, the engine speed is not raised, the solution via software. The solution leads to fuel savings, reduction of CO and noise – ECO CONTROL
  • Waste bin cycle on 2 wheels (up / down) 8 seconds
  • Waste bin emptying cycle on 4 wheels (up / down) 12 seconds

Dimensions of the complete vehicle with upgrade:
length: 7843 mm
width: 2550 mm
height: 3500 mm
Useful load minimum 5229 kg

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Mario Stoilov: mob: 091 6157 778; mail: mario.stoilov@o-k-teh.hr

Hrvoje Rogić:   mob: 099 3121 916;   mail: hrvoje.rogic@o-k-teh.hr

Franjo Bertić: mob: 091 2175 086; mail: franjo.bertic@o-k-teh.hr

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