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WasteMate smart bins

WasteMate smart solar waste bins are a product of the Dutch manufacturer PROCOMAT B.V.,the bins are powered only by solar energy. WasteMate tanks are a sustainable solution that enables waste management which increases the collection process by 85% and reduces CO2 emissions. The WasteMate® compactor allows up to eight times more waste to be collected than the original volume in 120 l (WasteMate 120), 200 l (WasteMate 200) and 240 l (WasteMate 240) bins. High-quality steel product and keyless operation result in high resistance to vandalism and prevent unauthorized persons from opening containers.The appearance and design of the waste insertion opening blocks the entrance to the inner container.The waste insertion opening can be locked and unlocked remotely in case of security reasons.

By using the automatic e-mail notification service in the Cleancitymanager web portal in combination with the WasteMate waste container network, the number of vehicle and employee movements has been significantly reduced. This makes the public space safer and with less traffic, and also significantly reduces collection costs.


Cleancitymanager is an online portal for remote management of Procopress systems. The portal allows the waste manager.

  • check fullness, correct operation, energy system, etc.
  • add or delete additional users and user groups
  • adjust notification levels
  • Send abstracts or export files in PDF
  • inspect the position and status of the tank
  • remote tank locking / unlocking
  • download new software updates

Each new WasteMate comes with a 12 month free subscription to Cleancitymanager. An online WasteMate service and helpdesk is available during business hours. A 5-year or lifetime subscription is available at the time of purchase of the tank. One of the first users of WasteMate smart solar waste containers is the city of Krk.

WasteMate smat bin brochure

WasteMate 120 smat bin brochure

WasteMate 200 smat bin brochure