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Milling machines

New asphalt milling machine and a new step in development

Following the proven series of BOMAG asphalt milling machines of the BM 500/15 and BM 600/15 series and the BM 1000/35, BM 1200/35 and BM 1300/35 series, a new step in improvement has been made in the two-meter class. The new BM 2000/75 and BM 2200/75 series proves outstanding milling power, a wide range of applications and modern, ergonomic working functions.

This generation of milling machines is available in three variants of working widths 2000-2200-2500 mm. In developing these machines, BOMAG worked closely with key customers and users and one of the main goals was to minimize the milling time that affects work efficiency. The priority was also to maximize the service life of the cutting tool and at the same time facilitate its replacement.

At the heart of the milling machine is a drum with a newly developed support system (BMS 15). No maintenance required, easy access to remove cutting tools, easy access to change the support and, screw tightening torque of only 100 Nm.

Considering the new regulations regarding environmental standards, the machine is equipped with an MTU Mercedes 10 V 1600 series engine, 10 cylinders, volume 17500 cm3, power 567 kW, which, in addition to meeting the existing standards, also brings significant savings in fuel consumption.

The compact design of the machine with a working weight of 34.5 -38.5 tons (depending on options) on tracks with a fuel volume of 1200 l and a water volume of 4000 l and a milling depth of up to 350 mm ensure stable operation and maximum efficiency at all workplaces. contributes hydraulically folding loading belt with a capacity of 485 m3 / h.