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The time of fossil fuels, smoke and noise in utility machines and trucks is coming to an end. It will give way to new ‘greener’ technologies. O-K-TEH is in step with new challenges and has adequate responses to the demands for greener plants. Our proven suppliers have been working for many years on the development and improvement of electric propulsion, some of them are pioneers with over 35 years of experience in the field of electric vehicles and machines. From small electric vacuum cleaners to fully electric waste collection vehicles.

Waste collection vehicles have always been considered a noisy and polluting necessity without which one cannot do without. But things are changing and new demands are moving in the direction of reducing noise and releasing CO2 into the environment.

Stummer Kommunalfahrzeuge, a member of the Kirchhoff Group, has been meeting these requirements for 40 years. Increasingly complex waste management needs require new solutions. Decades of experience and knowledge of waste management, high quality production and service, are the hallmark of the quality of innovative waste management technology.

Their specially developed Bank plug-In-Hybrid system E-PTO system, which is installed between the cab and the upgrade, is designed as a plug-in and has the power for all-day upgrade operation. At 700 V, it is more efficient than, for comparison, lower voltage systems. It is an electrical system that replaces the classic PTO, and consists of a battery and hydraulic modules, which are built together into a frame built into the auxiliary chassis. The battery is charged by the power of the chassis and controls the hydraulics of the superstructure via E-PTO, completely silent and without the emission of polluting gases. The vehicle is still powered by a diesel engine, and in this version, apart from reducing noise and pollution, there is no difference in the operation of the vehicle. The vehicle is equally reliable.

In addition to this technology, Stummer also boasts fully electric waste collection vehicles that have been operating successfully in Austria and Switzerland for several years. Back in 2018, Stummer delivered a fully electric vehicle for collecting waste with a volume of over 20 m2, with a payload of 10.5 tons. and an autonomy of over 380 km. Even then, the price difference was optimized to equalize the cost of fuel in a lifetime with the cost of a conventional vehicle, and with all the benefits, savings in noise, efficiency and pollution reduction.


RAVO The Netherlands is one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of road sweepers. Specializing in this segment of cleanliness care, RAVO offers a complete and highest quality solution for cities and towns that want impeccable cleanliness. This renowned manufacturer is known for exceptional investments in constant innovation that result in the best value for money. In RAVO, great attention is paid to research and development, and one of the novelties is the development of a fully electric 5m³ cleaner. RAVO 5 eSeries, reliable, fully electric, exceptional cleaner is 100% emission-free. This is another step in the company’s ongoing effort to ensure the well-being of residents and contribute to a healthy, clean future for everyone in the community. 100% performance, 100% electricity, 0% emissions.

RAVO 5 eSeries offers not only the most sustainable solution for maintaining the cleanliness of the urban environment, but also the highest quality and reliability, based on proven technology, derived from years of experience in the world of cleaners.


In the segment of smaller cleaners up to 2 m2, the first answer is the Italian TENAX. It is the first company in the world to be fully focused on the production, distribution and service of environmentally friendly 100% electric cleaners.

The Electra 1.0 was the world’s first all-electric road sweeper. They expanded their range of electric cleaners with the MaxWind model in 2013 and with Electra 2.0 in 2015, thus becoming the leading company in the market of electric cleaners for roads, squares, pedestrian zones.

Electra 2.0 is a compact 100% electric cleaner with a cleaning width of 2000 mm, a tank capacity of 1400 kg, an autonomy of up to 9 hours, low noise level and zero emissions, it is ideal for cleaning urban areas. Available in two versions, with lithium-ion battery and batteries filled with liquid electrolyte.

MaxWind is a newer concept of 100% electric cleaner, small dimensions, cleaning width up to 1250mm, extremely quiet and agile, ideal for sidewalks, pedestrian zones and parking lots.


There’s also Glutton, a self-propelled, easily steerable electric-powered machine that is able to collect all kinds of waste that can pass through a 125mm diameter pipe. It is able to remove garbage and debris from hard and soft surfaces. Its unique design allows both removal and the slightest waste from hard access