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Introducing the Mathieu AQUAZURA MC 210 road washer.

It is a high quality road washing machine with improved design, innovative and intuitive controls with CANBus technology focused on the needs of the operator and an innovative “Push and Pull” system (its independent brush control provides great opportunities). The combined action of a mixture of water and detergent with Aquazura brushes guarantees efficient and fast washing. The machine uses a system of 5 brushes to wash the substrate and suction branches to collect water. The cleaning system simultaneously achieves wetting, shampooing and scrubbing of the surface, as well as wastewater recovery and recycling. All these actions combined in one machine make AQUAZURA unmatched in its capabilities.

Ecological washing allows you to collect wastewater, grease and oil, solid and fine waste before separation and recycling.

Solution for any type of floor and surface

Aquazura clearly demonstrates its outstanding performance in a wide range of work environments. Whether in city centers, old city cores, airports, highways, etc. Safety, hygiene and care for the environment are respected under the best possible economic conditions.

  • Shampooing and rinsing

The liquid is sprayed on the floor under low pressure (3 bar), removes stubborn stains, at the same time the brushes are gently cleaned, and the grease disappears under the action of detergent mixed with the liquid.

  • Detergent container

With a capacity of 20 liters, the detergent tank gives enough autonomy for several hours of washing. Although the detergent is active, it is neither aggressive nor toxic, and is even 100% environmentally friendly.

  • Tank with water recycling system

With a clean water capacity of 1000 liters, the operating cycles of AQUAZURE are extremely long. Indeed, when a water recycling mode is used, operation can be extended by 2 to 3 hours, depending on the type of floor on which the machine operates and the climatic conditions. There is no discharge of wastewater into the rainwater system, AQUAZURA uses its own suction system and the ability to store wastewater. This is another big difference compared to a traditional compact washing machine.

  • Venturi system

The Venturi adjustment device, integrated in the clean water system, allows the percentage of detergent from the cabin to be regulated depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned.

  • Purification

Compact road cleaning brushes 5 brushes (3 fixed brushes and 2 adjustable widths) allow a working width of up to 2100 mm. Exfoliating heads with 5 independent floating brushes first work to ensure non-aggressive hydro-mechanical cleaning of the substrate. The double washing process allows the removal of stubborn dirt. Scrub width control, vertical head pressure and brush rotation speed allow AQUAZURA to be extremely effective in any conditions.

  • Suction

With scrapers, the suction neck has a range of 1600 mm on the floor, for easier suction of the largest waste, such as cans and plastic bottles. Suction scrapers direct the liquid to the center, where they are sucked. These scrapers are reversible, which doubles the service life.

  • Blower

Suction flow: 13000 m3 / h and 250 mm pipe. The right power to remove stubborn substances from the substrate. This powerful suction also sucks up heavy waste, greasy residue, dirty water, detergents and even unpleasant odors. The large diameter of the suction pipe contributes to this efficiency. Aquazura leaves behind a clean and dry surface. Pedestrians appreciate this true purity combined with its fresh scent.


In Croatia you can see Aquazura working in  Zagrebu, Splitu, Osijeku, Rijeci, Puli, Zadru, Šibeniku, Dubrovniku…