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Terra Select – Eggersmann

If you want to sort the two fractions to get a commercial compost product (fine fraction) as well as structural material (coarsely sieved fraction) for reuse for composting; or, if you have a special recycling operation and are looking for a mobile machine that can easily sift heavy materials such as soil, sand or construction waste, we recommend the drum sieve of the German company Terra Select. Thanks to the attractive price-performance ratio, the Terra Select drum sieve will surely meet your expectations.

Terra Select two-fraction machines are designed for professional use with almost all types of materials. Whether with biomass, compost, soil material or recycled wood, a movable drum sieve can sift these substances as easily as it sorts construction waste, municipal waste, metals and a whole host of other materials.

The range of machines and different models of Terra Select machines starts from the smallest T40 model, which has a sowing area of ​​19 m² and achieves a capacity of up to 100 m³ per hour, depending on the type of material. And it continues with the T50, T60 and ends with the T70, which achieves a capacity of up to 250 m³ per hour with a sowing area of ​​approx. 46 m².

Terra Select machines are known for their excellent technical solutions and with low fuel consumption, easy sowing drum replacement, low loading height, large receiving hopper and two-axle chassis for road transport, Terra Select is a product that meets everyone’s needs.

The smallest in the product range, the T40 model, due to its compact dimensions can be transported quickly and easily. It has an integrated 40 mm ore and is approved for driving on public roads, and on site, the sieve can be easily moved by forklifts or wheel loaders, ensuring it is set up for use in just 5 minutes.

To company  GKP Pre-kom d.o.o. from Preloga and company  Unikom d.o.o. iz Osijeka we have delivered drum compost sieve from Eggersmann – Terra Select, type T40, and in  CENTAR ZA OTPAD D.O.O. Oroslavje we delivered  Terra Select, type T60.

With the delivered Terra Select machines, all three companies have improved and increased their production capacities in the production of compost mix, which they place on the Croatian market to the satisfaction of their customers.

Impressive design and customized features as with the larger Terra Select models, you will generally notice that the T40 sieve also has a number of technical advantages: high-drive diesel engine, proportional transmission points and wide conveyor belts with galvanized frames. The powerful toothed drive of the belt in the tank prevents the belt from slipping even on heavy materials, while at the same time ensuring even dosing of the material into the drum. As it is also equipped for professional use, the T40 sieve is of a compact class and almost achieves the performance of a five meter drum sieve class.

In addition to the standard equipment, many customized options are available on the machines. For example, we can equip your machine with extended and extended strips, a magnetic separator, a radio remote control or an V40 air separator for continuous cleaning of foil superstructures or plastic pieces of material.

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