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Waste collection superstructure – – Stummer

Universal waste collection superstructure from the Austrian manufacturer STUMMER  are suitable for the collection and transport of household “green / bio”, industrial or mixed waste, with the possibility of upgrading to the chassis of the user’s choice.

For 40 years, STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge has been offering state-of-the-art solutions and techniques that reduce dust, noise and odors in waste collection and disposal, while constantly improving power, safety and speed, which improves the efficiency of upgrades.
The increasingly complex needs of waste management require new solutions. Decades of experience and knowledge of waste management, high-quality production and service are the hallmarks of the quality of innovative waste management technology.

The system of side or rear lifters allows emptying of all container sizes according to DIN and EN standards with great possibilities of additional equipment for precise monitoring of work and comfort of workers.

Regardless of the type of waste bins, the type of waste collected, the climate, for every purpose we offer an optimal upgrade for waste collection and disposal. Despite the variety of vehicle types from 7m3 to 30m3, the concept of superstructures is always the same, each upgrade is adapted to each individual chassis, allowing a minimum distance between the vehicle cabin and the superstructure. Advantages: optimal axle load with maximum tank volume.

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