We continued our cooperation with Plodine by delivering Tennant T300e machines to the newly opened locations in Novska, Vinkovci, Ploče and Daruvar.

It is a battery powered floor washing machine with a cleaning width of 60 cm and a water capacity of 40 L.

The Tennant T300e is a high-quality battery-operated floor washing machine, which stands out for its efficiency, reliability and ease of use. This machine is designed to clean hard floors, including concrete, tile, marble, granite and other surfaces.

One of the key features of the Tennant T300e is its advanced cleaning technology, which includes multiple modes to achieve the best possible cleanliness. This includes everything from gentle cleaning to deep cleaning, depending on the needs of the user and the type of surface to be cleaned.

This machine also boasts of its effectiveness in removing stubborn stains and dirt from floors. This is possible thanks to its strong traction force and robust cleaning brushes that can easily be adapted to different types of floors. It also has the option of using a cleaning detergent for even better cleaning results.

For more information on Tennant machines please contact:

Tomislav Ožegović:

mobile: 098 9388 861

mail: tomislav.ozegovic@o-k-teh.hr