Čistoća d.o.o. Zadar has become the owner of the latest model of Stummer superstructure. It is the Medimum X2H model. With modern design application, this model has a superstructure body capacity of 17 m3.

One of the important features of this model is the laser measurement of the waste ejection plate position, allowing the driver to know at any moment how much free space is left for collection, thus achieving better planning of the remaining working time.

The vehicle is equipped with Stummer SK351 Premium container lifters, resulting in significant time savings during collection on the narrow streets of Zadar, which is crucial because queues form behind the vehicle during the tourist season.

The superstructure is also characterized by the unique ECO-CONTROL operating system, which allows for a minimum of 5% fuel cost savings and reduced noise levels, while retaining all performance in terms of speed and power.

The Stummer Medium X2H is mounted on the MAN TGM 18.290 4×2 BL chassis, with a wheelbase of 4125 mm.

For more information about Stummer superstructures in our offer, please contact:

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