The new 100% electric cleaner Tenax Electra 2.0 Evos has arrived in Pula Herculanea.

The Electra 2.0 Evos is designed for use in indoor and outdoor environments. It can easily maneuver around obstacles, making it ideal for cleaning narrow spaces, such as corridors and walkways. The compact size of the sweeper also makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

The volume of the sweeper is 2 m3. It is equipped with Li-ion batteries, a high-pressure washer, an additional suction hose, and an additional camera on the suction opening.

Autonomy of operation with one battery charge is up to 10 h (depending on operating conditions).

For more information about Tenax electric sweepers, contact:

Mario Stoilov: mob: 091 6157 778; mail:

Hrvoje Rogić:   mob: 099 3121 916;   mail:

Franjo Bertić: mob: 091 2175 086; mail:

Ante Žaper:   mob: 091 6157 782;   mail: