we delivered to company CENTAR ZA OTPAD D.O.O. Oroslavje in April new mobile primary shredder Teuton Z60 and in June new mobile Terra Select drum screen T60.

Two powerfull Eggersmann machines are now working together and producing RDF fraction(s).

First stage of production is that complete bulky waste is shredding in Teuton Z60 on smallest gap between teeth and counter knifes. Dimension of produced material on Teuton Z60 is smaller than  200mm and all material from output conveyor which is positioned above bunker of Terra Select T60 Drum screen going on drum screen. Steel drum is with holes opening of 20mm and producing final particals which is used as RDF. Customer is happy with capacity of whole shredding and screening process and possibility to have precasly dimension of final product.

The machines were delivered with the support of the European Fund – competitiveness and cohesion.

For more info about Eggersmann machines contact:

Alen Budimski: 
mob: 091 6387 654
mail: alen.budimski@o-k-teh.hr