As representatives for Stummer superstructures since 2018, at the beginning of 2024, we expanded our operations to the area of Istria and Kvarner, and we are now the general distributor for sales and service for Stummer superstructures throughout the entire Republic of Croatia. This step represents a continuation of the company’s growth and development, which will enable even greater availability and quality support to customers across the country.

Innovative Waste Collection Solutions: Stummer Company For forty years, Stummer has been offering state-of-the-art solutions and technology for waste disposal without dust, noise, or unpleasant odors during waste collection and disposal. Through innovations aimed at constantly improving the strength, safety, and speed of its municipal superstructures, Stummer effectively meets the increasingly demanding waste management needs.

Waste Collection – Demands of the Modern Age Municipal waste presents a significant challenge in modern urban environments. The increasingly complex waste management needs require new, creative, and environmentally friendly solutions. In light of these challenges, Stummer utilizes decades of experience and knowledge in waste management to shape high-quality products and provide exceptionally high-quality service.

While for most people, a waste collection truck is just another vehicle on the road, Stummer sees it as an ecological and economical concept. The company offers an optimal truck structure for waste collection tailored to the specific needs of each situation – different waste fractions, disposal areas, types of containers. Regardless of the diversity of types with volumes ranging from 7m³ to 30m³, the superstructure concept is always best optimized for each type of truck chassis. This allows for minimal distance between the driver’s cabin and the superstructure, resulting in better weight distribution, higher steering axle load, better maneuverability, and maximum volume.

Advanced Stummer Superstructures Stummer waste collection superstructures set new standards with top performance and advanced technical solutions for container lifters. Automatic lifters, adaptable to every situation, allow for separate operation with significant savings in speed and cost optimization.

Automatic waste collection enables significant time savings during shift work. The lifters are designed to safely and quickly empty bins and containers and, with programmed shaking during emptying, preserve and do not damage the bins. With automatic lifters, nearly the same efficiency is achieved with one operator, which is especially relevant during labor shortages or increased workload.

Environmental Solutions Stummer’s ECO-control system further highlights its commitment to ecology. Without unnecessary increases in engine speed during container emptying, vehicles contribute less to fuel consumption and reduced emission of harmful gases.

Stummer is not just a manufacturer of municipal superstructures – it is an innovator seeking to transform the waste collection industry into a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically viable field of operation. Through its continuous drive for improvement, the company always stays ahead of others, setting higher standards for the entire industry.

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