Čistoća d.o.o. from Karlovac, with the help of the The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund , procured a special two-chamber utility vehicle for separate refuse collection.

It is a vehicle with a total volume of 15m3, with a larger chamber of 10m3 and less than 5m3.

It is an superstructure of the Italian manufacturer COSECO, and is characterized by smart solutions such as central lifting and opening the lids of containers on a larger tank.

This model will certainly help the owner to achieve significant savings on refuse collection costs, because he will be able to collect two different fractions of waste in one collection.

The superstructure is mounted on a MAN two-axle chassis, power 290HP.

For more information on COSECO superstructures, contact:

Mario Stoilov: mob: 091 6157 778; mail: mario.stoilov@o-k-teh.hr

Hrvoje Rogić: mob: 099 3121 916; mail: hrvoje.rogic@o-k-teh.hr

Franjo Bertić: mob: 091 2175 086; mail: franjo.bertic@o-k-teh.hr

Ante Žaper: mob: 091 6157 782; mail: ante.zaper@o-k-teh.hr