We delivered Mathieu street sweeper MC210 FLEX to KD KOstrena
This street sweeper with a capacity of 2 m3 and a cleaning width of 1,650 – 2,450 (2,700 with a third brush) is equipped with:
• Third cleaning brush (cleaning width 2700 mm) with weed cleaning set, cleaning angle adjustment, and high-pressure wash ramp with 5 nozzles
• High pressure gun with 5 m hose for high pressure pump (miniwash)
• Enhanced water pump of 150 bar and flow of 20 lit / min
• Automatic central lubrication
• Air-suspended driver’s seat
• Automatic air conditioning
• 540 liter clean water tank
• Differential with slip lock and shortened transmission
• Panoramic vertical heated mirrors
• MP3-USB-SD-BluetoothDAB + radio-handsfree set
• Heated front windshield
• Rear axle reinforced for driving on demanding terrain
• LED headlights (short and long)
• Additional 2 LED work lights
• System of automatic battery shutdown in case of failure
• Adjusting the working angle of the side brushes, for more efficient cleaning along the edges of the pavement
• Adjusting the counter direction of rotation of the brushes, for increased work efficiency
• Water recycling system, for lower consumption of clean water during machine operation
• Additional hose for suction of large waste, diameter 150 mm

For more information on Mathieu street sweepers contact:

Franjo Bertić: mob: 091 2175 086; mail: franjo.bertic@o-k-teh.hr
Ante Žaper: mob: 091 6157 782; mail: ante.zaper@o-k-teh.hr
Mario Stoilov: mob: 091 6157 778; mail: mario.stoilov@o-k-teh.hr
Hrvoje Rogić: mob: 099 3121 916; mail: hrvoje.rogic@o-k-teh.hr